To Mini or not to Mini

Well hello there strangers! I know it’s been a while. You see things have been quite busy here in Summerville, SC and specifically in my world…everyone and their mamas are wanting holiday pictures, the clinic is busy because we are entering the dreaded sick season, and well it’s Christmas time! So sorry for being a little slack on my social media and blog the past two months, but I promise to be better!

So starting way back in August and September I started tossing around the idea of holiday mini sessions. I was so indecisive. It seemed like a great way to get exposure and get my name out there, but it also seemed like a lot of work and planning. So then I started asking myself all the standard questions, if I did mini sessions, where would I do them, would they be styled or not styled, props or no props, how much would I charge, etc, etc…. I never got excited about anything and nothing ever really came to life.

See through all this thinking and considering, I realized something very important. I only considered mini sessions because I thought I had to. Most other photographers do so I probably should too. But you see, it was stressing me out. I do not like props in my photos and most of the holiday mini sessions I see executed are styled and propped with Christmas decorations, trees, lights, sleighs, etc. Mini sessions are quick and easy. They are typically more posed with everyone smiling. There’s no time to get to the human connection part that I love to capture so much. The shorter sessions are just not very conducive to getting those natural, “unposed” images I love so much.  

I assumed, that most clients out there would want that type of session, which I wasn’t excited about offering. So time ticked away and eventually October and early November was upon us and I hadn’t planned anything. It was too late to plan mini sessions now. However, I was receiving a steady trickle of session requests. Some for longer sessions and some for what they called “mini sessions” where they just wanted a few good pictures for a Christmas card. I was very deliberate in the sessions I “accepted” all while being very careful not to make myself too busy coming up on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Well the whole not being too busy thing didn’t work out too well. Before I knew it, I had booked all the sessions I had told myself I would book. But I continued to get inquiries. Many of which I had no choice to turn down, but there were several late inquiries that I either didn’t want to turn down or felt like I shouldn’t turn down no matter how busy I had made myself. These were primarily past clients (yes people I have only been in business for less than a year and already are having repeat clients!!! YAY ME!) and people/families I knew personally.

So moral of this story is, always stay true to yourself. If something doesn’t feel right or feel like you then don’t do it! There are a lot of people out there like me who just want simple clean portraits of their family. Even though, I didn’t plan or advertised styled mini sessions, clients still found me and the ones that did were not expecting or wanting that at all. And please do not get me wrong, if you are a prop loving person, then that’s great! There’s nothing wrong with that. I just may not be your photographer!

Next year, I will set a side a few days where I will do some “quick” sessions for clients, but I will do them my way! I’ll continue to encourage my longer sessions only because, I love the more natural and connected galleries I produce when I spend a little more time with clients.

Here’s a little sampling of some of the recent sessions I have finished up. All beautiful families showing lots of love and sharing lots of laughs. Enjoy!