Got to give a shout out....

I can't sleep. It's 11:58 pm and I have been trying to sleep for the past hour maybe hour and a half.  Today was a big day. I shot my first traditional wedding (I am sure there will be a lot more about that in a later post). I have spent weeks classes, looking at photo boards for inspiration. The day and the shoot went well....not perfect, but good. I am exhausted. I have been at it in photographer mode since 2:15 pm today. My muscles hurt, my feet hurt, and I am so tired I cannot sleep. Who knew being a photographer could be so physically demanding? (Keep in mind that this is coming from someone who's not in the best shape right now, but that's a whole other blog for another day cause we are going to be working on that real soon). I feel like I have just worked a 12 hour busy shift in the ER, but really I just had fun taking pictures all night!

While laying in bed, trying to turn my mind off and relax my achy muscles, I turned over and saw my husband peacefully sleeping. Fortunately, tonight is a soft snoring night. Sometimes we have loud snoring nights and I really wouldn't be able to sleep if we were dealing with that tonight too! There was something about watching him sleep in the glowing light of the TV (I insist on going to sleep with the TV on because it helps drown out my thoughts), that reminded me of just how lucky I am.

You see Kevin went to the wedding with me today. He was my "assistant". Besides being at my beckon call, I set a camera up for him and asked him to shoot a little too. He didn't have to do this. If I had to guess, he would have rather stayed home with our kids. But when I asked him, he happily obliged (even if he wasn't excited about it). He listened and payed attention when I gave him a photography 101 crash course. He may have taken 154,274 pictures (all of which I now have to go through), but he did so without complaining to help me do what I love. And that, among many other things, is why I love him. 

He's a hard worker who is turning out to be a kick-ass realtor. He's the best father to my two beautiful children. He's an awesome son and son-in-law to the parents. He's my best friend. 

So when I couldn't sleep tonight, his selflessness inspired me to write a blog about how great he is. I probably don't say it enough, but thank you babe for everything you do. You can be my assistant anytime. ;)