A year of reflection and some big changes….including a name!

So guys, it has been a year! A whole year since I ventured into this little photography “thing” to see if anyone would actually hire me as a photographer and if I could actually make a little money doing something I love. I am happy to say that the answer to both items above is a proud and astounding YES!

So in the past year, I have had the pleasure of photographing 39 different families and couples, 2 weddings, and a handful of real estate listings (that were not my husbands). I have written 30 blog posts and made countless Instagram and Facebook posts. I have built and maintained a website. I have spent hours taking online courses to better my in-camera skills as well as my editing skills. All of this while continuing to work full time in the clinic. Needless to say, I have been a busy bee, but I have enjoyed it so much.   

I learned so much this year about starting and running a business (something I had never done). There’s been times where I have questioned everything. Am I good enough where people will want me to photograph them? Why am I doing this when it seems to only take away time from my family now? It still astonishes me that I have clients seeking and choosing me. They come across my website by a completing a simple google search, or maybe while searching through a Charleston photographers guide, and even better through a personal recommendation. Regardless, something about me and my work speak to them and I am so honored, flattered, and still surprised that they choose me!

So since my business one-year anniversary and the new year somewhat coincide, I decided it’s a good time to make changes if I so desired. And as it turns out…I do think it is a perfect time to make a few changes. This year was all about seeing what works and what doesn’t work. It was about establishing relationships with my clients so that hopefully, they will be returning clients. It was about learning so I can continue to grow as a photographer. It was about experiencing different types of sessions, so I could discover my niche.

And through all this learning and experiencing, I have discovered my niche. My niche is people and families. To be specific, people and families who love each other and are not afraid to let me help them show it in order to capture pure, soulful images. And now that I know what I really like to do, I can start targeting this to attract my ideal clients.

I started my business advertising that I was a lifestyle photographer also specializing in real estate photography. At the time, I thought real estate photography would be a good way to make a little extra money for my business until I could establish some people clients.

To be honest, I never enjoyed real estate photography. It’s a little technical and can be time consuming with regards to editing. I know there are probably better programs and tricks to save time with it, but the things is, I have no desire to learn it. While that work is important, it isn’t for me. There’s really no art to it, it’s about being in the right part of the room at the right angle to make sure your vertical lines are straight, and your room looks spacious and bright. My passion is photographing people and their connection with each other. So with that being said, I have decided that, I will no longer be offering the service of real estate photography.

With that decision, came the decision about my business name. I named the business based on the fact I would photograph people “the heart” and real estate “the haven”. So now, my business name didn’t sing to me. Other things that bothered me about my business name became even more bothersome, because now, the name doesn’t have meaning. The business name is long to type, and my email address associated with my business is so so so very long. I wanted something much simpler to appeal to my newly identified ideal client. I wanted something that reflected me…so the name search began.

Many photographers just use their name as in “Jane Doe Photographer”. And yes, this would probably be the easiest except for one little thing. The spelling of my name is wrong or as my mother used to tell me not wrong but “unique.” And let me tell you….the spelling is not even one of the less common alternative ways to spelling Brittany….it’s just different. So here is what seems to be the two most common ways to spell it….Brittany and Brittney. My name…BrittNAY. Yep you read that right BrittNAY.

The problem with this and a business name is that people will forever be misspelling the name on everything. They will mistype my website address, email address, etc. This may lead to missed opportunities unless, I buy every alternative spelling domain name and email and have them routed to my main accounts. I could imagine that this could get a little expensive.

So in line with my main goal to simplify, I simplified my name and came up with a new shortened, chic business name that I am hoping will stay around for a while.

Britt D Photography.

No crazy spellings, just short and simple. I think the new name reflects my photography style, clean, simple, and natural. And I tried to carry that over into my new logos and branding materials.

In the next several weeks, you’ll see me slowly implement these changes in my website and social media accounts. Hopefully, you’ll notice my new logos and like them. I am going to try to simplify my website and pricing structure to refine and freshen things up a bit. I invite you to follow me on this re-branding journey. Let me know what you think! Good or bad! But know that through the changes, it’s still me behind the curtain! My goals have not changed. I strive to deliver an exceptional family photography experience that’s easy and fun and will result in lovely natural images of your family connecting with each other. That’s just going to come in a little different package now. 😊

Happy New Year to you and your families! Here’s a few pictures of me and my family!