Charleston….the City that I Love

I’ve been wanting to write a blog about Charleston for a while now and am just getting around to it. I love this city. I love everything about it…except for the traffic of course! There’s just a “feel” here that is almost indescribable.

There always has been. I remember this “feel” even when coming here as a kid growing up. We did not come to Charleston often. Maybe just two or three times when I was a kid. My mother has a cousin that lived here in Charleston when I was a wee thing (Hey Misty!). We came to visit her at one point when I was around three years old. I remember seeing pictures of this trip many times growing up as I would flip through old picture albums. Believe it or not, I actually remember a few things outside of just seeing the photos.

This is my first recollection of driving over a large bridge. I believe it was the Cooper River Bridge which was replaced by the Ravenel Bridge in 2005. I remember being in the back seat or back hatch area of a car with my cousin Heather. No seat belts…which is crazy to think about but it was 1985. I think we must have been going to the beach because Heather had on a yellow bathing suit with black letters all over it. I remember looking at the letters and saying what they were. As we went over the bridge, I just remember the adults, telling me to look at the bridge. I recall seeing a mess of steel bars above me. Now, when I see old pictures of the Cooper River Bridge, I realize that this had to be the bridge we crossed. Other than that, I don’t remember much else about that particular trip except Misty had this really cool old rotary phone, that I was completely obsessed with.   

Fast forward a few years, we took some quick family vacations to Savanah and Charleston. I instantly loved both cities even as a young preteen/teen. There was something about the history, the old buildings, cobblestone roads, the charm and of course the Spanish moss. My last trip to Charleston prior to considering the move here was when I was in college at UGA (that was a solid 14 years ago). My roommate JulieAnn and I took spring break trip with our moms. It’s a long story, but yes we went on a spring break trip while we were in college with our moms and it was great! At that time, I had just started photography as a hobby. I had a 35mm film camera. I loved black and white film and that’s all I wanted to shoot. I still think those photos I took that trip are floating around here somewhere. Even then, I was totally enchanted by this beautiful city. I remember deciding at that time, that one day I would live in either Savanah or Charleston…. even if just a year or two.

 I’ll tell you how I ended up in Charleston in my next blog (it’s a fun story so stay tuned) …but for now back to why I love this city…. Charleston has been named the best city to visit by several travel magazines over the last several years. So, I am not alone in my love for it. There’s something about living somewhere where other’s want to be; Realizing every time you venture downtown and see all the wide-eyed tourists how lucky you truly are to live somewhere so rich in history and beauty. Everyone knows all the touristy things and monuments Charleston is known for: there’s Waterfront park with the Pineapple Fountain, the Market, White Point Gardens where a huge canopy of Oaks leads you directly to the Battery and the Charleston Harbor, the horses and carriages, the Charleston skyline beautiful because of its absence of high rises, but rich in beautiful church steeples. Did I mention the food? Oh, the Charleston food. There are so many amazing restaurants. We have lived here for nearly 5 years and I have not even scratched the surface of the restaurants that I want to eat at. I would likely be very overweight and broke if I had!

Lastly, one of the reasons I love Charleston, is it revitalized my love for photography. My children with this city as a back drop have inspired me to do something, I never thought I would do; start my lifestyle photography business. Some of my favorite portrait sessions are my downtown couple or family sessions. No two downtown sessions are alike. I will plan a walk for my clients and I around the city. I try to vary the walk from session to session so that each session will be unique. I typically do not have a plan on where we’ll stop and take pictures, but I just look for things and places to inspire me as we walk and chat. While I will incorporate some of the well-known Charleston monuments and attractions if a client requests them, I typically will try to stay away from the busy touristy spots and use more quaint hidden spots tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the popular areas of the city. And sometimes, just before or after my downtown sessions, something will catch my eye that I must photograph: something that reminds me of Charleston.

If you ever have the opportunity to take a trip to Charleston, you should. Come experience for yourself what I love. Charleston is not far from a lot of big cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Jacksonville and is perfect for a long weekend getaway. When you do decide to come for a visit, look me up! Even better schedule a session with me! I love doing vacation photography sessions and meeting people from all over the country! I would love to show you a little bit of the wonderful city that I now call home. 😊     

Here’s a collection of some of my favorite photos of the city I have shot while out and about. Some are of well known Charleston landmarks, others of small details. I hope you enjoy! Keep an eye out for my next blog and I’ll tell you a little more about how we ended up here! Until Next time!