Friends and Flips

I am going to Preface this blog by saying, I started writing this back in November. The first sentence is “So things have been a little crazy here lately.” And let me tell you, they must have been because I completely forgot I started writing it and never finished! It’s got some good stuff in it, so I finished it off and added a few updates. Enjoy!

So, things have been a little crazy here lately. Of course, I still am working my full-time job as a nurse practitioner and this is my first fall/holiday season being in business which I am finding out is a super-duper busy time of the year for photographers. I have been so fortunate to be growing my business at the rate it is growing. I have heard frequently that it takes about 3 years for a photographer to grow their clientele to support their business. Well, I am as busy right now as I can be! I am confident that I could continue to grow this venture of mine if I only had more time! I’ve had to turn down booking more sessions because I simply do not have time to get clients their images by Christmas card/gift time! This is not a bad problem to have as it just shows me that with a little more time and attention I can potentially rock this!

I’ve had a little help generating more business. First word of mouth! I’ve had lots of friends and clients who have told others about me, and to me, this is the biggest compliment. I have gotten a ton of inquiries for being part of the Charleston Mom’s Blog Photography Guide. It’s an amazing site that has guides to anything Charleston. Check it out if you have time and look for me on the photography guide. 😊 And I can’t leave out my BNI peeps! BNI is a networking group I am a member of. I know I have mentioned BNI in another blog or two, but it’s a great group of business owners who I have become friends with. We pass referrals to each other because we get to know each other and trust each other.

I have been so flattered as I have had some of our personal friends reach out to me and ask me to photograph their families. I am so happy that they trust me to photograph their families. These are people who have been watching my business journey and who have been so supportive. Here’s a few images of some of my favorites from their sessions.


And on to my husband’s crazy life as a realtor. Check out his new website if you have time . It was built by the wonderful Nina Tewell with Marte Web Designs ( . She’s one of my fellow BNI members and did an awesome job!  So Kevin and I have ventured into our first home flip. It’s little exciting and little scary all at once! We have named it the Anstead house (that’s the street name) and I have happily taken an active role and giving my two cents on design, both structural and aesthetics. This is yet another venture that will hopefully bring me closer to not working full-time, so I can spend more time with my babies. Hopefully, we’ll make some money on the flip and not loose money. I’ll try to keep you guys updated on the progress.

So that concludes the part I wrote back in November and never finished.

Now back to 2019…. So, the flip went ok. We are actually closing on the Anstead House in a couple of days. We went over budget…. which I feel is typically expected to some extent, but this means we are not making nearly as much money as we were hoping. Kevin, the hubby, says he’s counting it as a win even though we’re not going to profit a whole lot, because #1 we didn’t lose money (that’s always a plus) #2 it was a great learning experience (for both of us…on my part I learned that I have to pick out cheaper stuff ☹). So there is the silver lining…not much of one but it’s there. Some additional good news is we already have another flip completed (the Grouse House) and received an offer that we accepted on it this week… (profit is looking much better on this one thankfully) and a third flip will be finished this week or next.

Back to some photography talk. I wrapped up my first fall/holidays as a photographer and it was in fact really crazy busy. I was busy and mother nature did not help at all with several weekends of rain. I survived, and my clients all seemed happy and got their pictures well before Christmas. I will offer one piece of advice though. Be kind to your photographers during the holidays and think ahead. I had so many people wanting last minute bookings to get pictures for gifts and Christmas cards. You really should be booking things in October and November for this time frame. I had no idea things were so intense for photographers during the holidays until now! So, my PSA for the day is to book your holiday portrait sessions in October and November and save yourself and your photographer a little stress! I hope you guys have a great week! I’ve got some more blog posts that I have started, and I promise I will not forget about them! So be on the lookout!