Locations...Part 3: Summerville and Some other random spots

In my first two blogs of this series, I have wrote about locations around Charleston, some awesome parks and of course the beaches. This is the third instillation of my blog series on locations. It will highlight some of the areas surrounding Charleston including Summerville and some other suburbs.


There are lots of great locations in Summerville, which is about 30 minutes from downtown Charleston, and it happens to be where I live! Downtown Summerville would make a cute back drop for many sessions with the small town store fronts and a the cute little street called Short Central. I haven’t done any sessions or headshots in downtown Summerville , but here are some other locations around Summerville that are great.

Azalea Park: Located in downtown Summerville, this is a cute little park. It’s full beauty last for a short time each spring when, you guessed it, the Azaleas bloom. This park is covered with these beautiful blooming bushes and you can easily get lost in a sea of azaleas. Outside of the spring, it is a very green park with a few little cute bridges and a gazebo. Parking is free, you just have to cross busy Main Street usually on foot to access both sides of the park. Most of these pictures are a little old and taken when I was first starting out. You’ll get the idea, but I think I’ve refined my style and skills a little since then. :)

Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site: This park is literally 3 minutes from my house. I love this park in the fall and winter months, but it is not my favorite spot in the spring and summer. It is a neat park with old brick church ruins. It does have set operating hours which I believe it closes at 6. This is well before sunset in the spring and summer which is one reason why I do not like it during those times. Admission is $2 per person (must bring exact change) for adults. Kids 15 and under are free.

James Allen Park: This is a very small park very close to downtown Summerville. It’s a cute little park with a little bridge and some nice paths and greenery. It’s free with parking onsite. I just did my first session there and thought the pictures turned out great. 😊

Monks Corner

Before you ask Mepkin Abby is off limits. They do not allow professional photography on their grounds. But right down the street there’s an area called Strawberry Chapel that is kind of awesome. I have only had one session here, but it turned out great. There’s an overgrown field, a path or two down to the water, and a large dock. From old images I’ve seen, the dock used to be old and cool with no side rails, but I read that someone fell in which made the powers to be build new side rails. That kind of defeats the old and cool part, but it is still a good location that over looks the water. 

Cypress Gardens is another location I am super excited to explore. I have never done any sessions here because this park has been closed for the last few years due to storm damage from one of our recent big storms. It’s supposed to be opening again really soon and when it does, I will go check it out. I am looking forward to using it for sessions!

Daniel Island

There is a park area that I absolutely love on Daniel Island. This has been one of my favorite spots and I’ve only done one session here! I keep hoping someone will pick this location again, but to no avail, not yet! There is a large field of overgrown grass that I love! I’ve heard they will cut it on occasion, but every time I’ve been in the area, it’s been overgrown, wild, and beautiful. There are walking and running paths that are lined with trees. It’s right on the water with marsh views and a couple of boardwalks. It’s just a solid location with great variety. And the best part, parking is available and it’s free!  

Mount Pleasant

This is an area I need to explore more. I am actually trying to attract more clients out of Mount Pleasant so I need to make it a priority to find some great locations to use. So far, I have done one fabulous session at Palmetto Island State Park. It was in the fall, and the session turned out beautifully. There is a small entry fee to park, but it was only a couple of dollars. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add more locations to this area very soon!

So there you have it guys! My list of my most frequently used locations all summarized in three blog posts. I am not set to these locations and like I’ve said before, if you have an idea for your session, please share with me! I would love to consider and try different spots! And while this list of locations is complete, I have one more blog planned for this series. I honestly think it will be the most important one in this series so stay tuned and I’ll post it shortly! Until next time!

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