Locations...Part 4: Maybe the Location is Not so Important

So I just wrote 3 blog posts all about locations that I use in the Charleston area for my photography sessions. And after seeing the title to this blog, you are probably saying to yourself, “Brittnay, why are you wasting time writing those blogs if location isn’t all that important?” Well, to be honest, my main goal in writing them was so that I can use them as a guide to send to my clients to help them chose locations for their sessions. When you’re a busy mom with a full time job who’s trying to grow her photography business, anything to save time by having a pre-written guide is worth it!

A lot of other photographers might not agree with sharing their locations. Many photographers can be very secretive with their locations. Especially if they are not well-known locations or public spaces. There can be a bit of possessive feelings over a good location and I get it. You want to offer things to potential clients that make you different. You also don’t want to spill the beans so that every photographer in Charleston will show up at your locations while you are trying to use them.

However, I’m not sold on this secretive philosophy. I want to surround myself and learn from other photographers who are supportive of one and another not necessarily in the mind set that we are competitors and therefore can not talk shop and share locations and tricks of the trade. But the main reason that I don’t mind everyone having access to my list of locations is I do not think that locations make a session. It’s an ingredient for a great session, but it’s not the most important ingredient.

So I know you are dying to know if the location of a lifestyle photography session is not the most important thing about a session what is? It’s actually quite simple. It’s you. It’s my clients and their connection with each other. Sure a pretty sunset in a gorgeous location is awesome for any session, but I am not trying to capture images of the locations. My goal is to capture the connection and love you have with your family. The location should just be a plus….maybe a second thought. The first thought being how happy your family looks and joy…pure joy. That is beautiful to me. So it doesn’t matter if you are standing in a busy highway, in your home or on a secluded beach as long as I am able to get you to see how beautiful you are when you are with those you love. That’s my goal.

I am not saying that we should schedule your session in the middle of Walmart, but my hope is even if we did, I would utilize my awesome skills to pull out some of those natural raw moments. And that when you are viewing your images…all you’ll notice is you and your loved ones. The store would just fade away in the background and your eye is drawn to where the love is…not the diapers on aisle 9. With that being said, I have recently seen some really awesome fun images that were taken in Target. I am sure they are on Pinterest if you search, but they were pretty cool and different. You should check them out.

So to summarize this little series on locations…..Charleston is a wonderful place with a lot of different locations for photography sessions. And while the location can help set the mood for the session, it’s not going to make or break it. Don’t stress too much about choosing a location because it’s my job to create beautiful images regardless of where we are! Images that are natural, joyful, and connected. Images that I hope you will love and cherish forever! 😊

With that said. I will leave you with a collection of some of my most connected images. These are some of my favorite images I’ve taken, simply because you can see and feel the love! Enjoy!

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